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Frequently Asked Questions

 How many Honey Buckets will I need for my construction job site?

One Honey Bucket will accommodate up to 10 workers per 40-hour work week when serviced one time per week. This rate of 1 to 10 is also the ANSI standard for our industry. If you have special hours, unusual requirements, or any questions regarding service and pricing, contact our customer service department at 800-562-4442.

 What geographic area does Honey Bucket service?

We service major areas of Washington, Oregon, Utah and California. We can also sometimes service areas outside of these boundaries. Just give us a call at 800-562-4442 and an area representative will help you with your questions.

 What minimum service is performed each week for my restroom that stays on route or site?

  1. Evacuate the holding tank
  2. Remove debris
  3. Scrub and sanitize all surfaces including the walls, urinal, toilet seat, and floor
  4. Add fresh water and deodorant solution to tank
  5. Replace urinal cake (as needed)
  6. Replenish supplies
  7. Complete or schedule needed repairs
  8. Sign and date service log sticker in each unit.

 What if my unit is inaccessible for service?

Our driver will make all reasonable attempts to service the unit(s). The unit will be cleaned, and supplies restocked. A "Red Tag" will be placed on the unit to indicate that we were on site but not able to do a complete service. It will be noted in your order as to why the unit was only partially serviced. If the unit is only partially serviced due to being blocked, unreachable, behind locked gates or the like, you may request us to return to the site prior to your next scheduled route day for an additional fee.